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Just came back from a school entrance exam in Paris, hope I did well  o_o

Here is a very freely drawn Dr Bluebell from Mercenary Kings I did on my 3Ds while I was in the train (mh can you actually do “fanart” of a game you made art for… ? )

And yesss you should really go play Mercenary Kings because it ROCKS, and now it’s on PS4 too !

"It will probably deal with her last journey in quest of her memories before she dies from a mortal disease..." sounds like a solid premise to me!

Asked by leadherring

Thanks ! :)
By “I suck at writing scenario” I mean that I’m able to imagine characters and their universes quite easily, but when it comes to write and give logic, structure and rythm to their story it’s another kettle of fish ! But I want to give it a try anyway, it will be a good exercise !


( At first this was supposed to be notes from an art history class  )

I want to make something out of this astronaut character. It will probably deal with her last journey in quest of her memories before she dies from a mortal disease (how gloomy), with a strange dark organic universe looking like Metroid mixed with Miyazaki’s Nausicaä, Leiji Matsumoto’s art, Mushishi and underwater life documentaries. I am full of ideas but as I suck at writing scenarios it will probably stay as a concept state forever, like always … 

( Edit : added the sketchbook page I posted later as they go together. )

Rediscovering these animations while gathering stuff for a demoreel

Spent some time away from it and finally I don’t hate everything I produced for it anymore. Even if it’s probably going to look weird at the end I have to finish this thing .

I tried Inchworm on 3Ds and made a silly jumping kitty. 
This software is nicer than what I expected and really easy to use <3

(Just realized that I forgot to shade the paws on one frame sorry)

This is how the MK comic actually looks like before I add the colors !

How do you do your pixel art? Mostly, what program do you use?

I use Photoshop! But there are other softwares dedicated to pixel like Pro-Motion I’d also like to try, as the Photoshop animation timeline often becomes impractical when there is a lot of frames or separate parts to animate.

I came across these colorkeys I drew a few months ago for fun on Paint while listening to Kavinsky. I really love this album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSkpOY2P8T4 

Tried to recreate the 80’s movie feeling of the music. ( actually it looks a lot like the Outrun album cover )

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