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How old are you? Are you out of college?

Asked by Anonymous

Hi anon ! I’m 22, and I graduated from animation school last year. 

Hello digital artists , I’d like to ask you a little something !

I have to change my old little A6 pen tablet for a bigger one , but I’m quite indecisive about whether buying a regular A3 pen tablet (like an Intuos), or invest in a Cintiq. 

I briefly had the occasion to test a Cintiq once, but not enough time to know if it really worths it compared to an ordinary tablet for computer drawing (for Photoshop or hand drawn animation especially) .
What are your feelings about Cintiq VS classic pen tablets , and what tablet model would you recommend ?

Thanks for your advices ! :)

My last little pixel commission for Darrell Drake, a cute and crazy girl named Merill, from his book Everautumn! She was a lot of fun to draw !


Note :

I decided to close commissions definitely (or at least for a long time). I apologize to the people who asked me for commissions, but since I started my new job I really lack free time to take new ones …

For the last commissions I accepted , they’ll be done nonetheless ! :) 

Also I forgot to tell, I started my (first!) new job as a pixel artist at Shiro a few time ago and it’s a lot of fun ! This is the little pixel test I made when I applied . 

Thing from sketchbook . 

I thought this guy character from the last little comic I made could fit well with the lonely astronaut girl universe .

DRAKERZ : Augmented Reality TCG

I did an internship on this nice game 3 years ago, and now they’re making a kickstarter to make it even cooler ! 

More lonely astronaut adventures.
(+ line sketch from sketchbook )

Now that I’m pixelling all day long I better not forget how to draw !

You're so good and it makes me really sad that you've opened up commissions for less than minimum wage ;_; You deserve more.

Asked by Anonymous

I’m sorry for making you sad anon !  :(

It’s not easy to assess a fair price for your own work , so I mainly based my prices on other commission prices I saw around Tumblr/dA. But maybe I’ll change the prices a bit next time, as I wasn’t expecting so much people to be interested in pixel commissions.


★ This is a comic I made for a contest ! 

It’s only in french for the moment, but I’ll translate it soon . The contest theme was “somehere else”.

Very big thanks to Lisa, Alexandra and Yannick for their helpful advices about the scenario !


★ Une BD pour un concours dont le thème était “ailleurs”. 
Très grand merci à Lisa, Alexandra et Yannick pour leurs supers conseils sur le scénario ! :D

(via sssashimi)

Captain Spacedad

Taking up the challenge of drawing a 6 pages comic in one day for a contest ( because the deadline is in 3 days , I’m really late O_O )

A couple of pixel commissions.
A cute alien character called Anodyne, and Glacius from Mass Effect !

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